Sleep Apnea Sleep


The SNOR-X is a mouth guard that gently holds the tongue forward during sleep, keeping the upper airway open and free from obstruction. The prevention of this obstruction relieves snoring. SNOR-X is made of two pieces, a tongue sleeve and a plastic ring that goes around the device and is held in place by notches on each side of the sleeve. The patient places their tongue into the tongue sleeve and squeezes the front end of the device to create a gentle suction that holds the tongue in an extended position. The patient can adjust the extension of the tongue for comfort and effectiveness. Air vents are sculpted onto the upper surface of the device to facilitate mouth breathing.

The SNOR-X is constructed of medical grade silicone , requires no laboratory fabrication and is available in several stock sizes. It maintains tongue protrusion by way of negative pressure created in the anterior vacuum bulb. An extraoral lip guard prevents retrolapse of the tongue during sleep and also allows for a degree of protrusive adjustability of the tongue.

The SNOR-X is not retained on the teeth in any manner and allows total freedom of movement.