Sleep Apnea Sleep

Care for your Oral Appliance

If you use a dental mouthpiece to prevent sleep apnea symptoms, it’s vital that you understand how to care for the appliance. Proper cleaning and brushing of an oral appliance extends its lifespan. Besides, if you’re serious about treating sleep apnea you’ll be wearing the mouthpiece every night: it makes good hygienic sense to keep the dental device as clean as possible.

Different sleep apnea mouthpieces have very different life spans. Depending on the model and how well you care for your appliance, a dental device can last as long as six years or need replacing in as little as six months. To some extent, you get what you pay for; a cheap, mass produced oral device usually won’t last as long as a more expensive device that is custom-made for your mouth.

While brushing an oral appliance, you want to pay special attention to any small areas of the mouthpiece. Nooks and other small areas can trap unwanted material in the mouthpiece, so it is especially important they receive a good cleaning. Brushing the mouthpiece with toothpaste and a soft toothbrush is a standard cleaning method for almost all sleep apnea dental appliances. The mouthpiece should receive a thorough brushing inside and out every morning with cool water.

Sometimes it is recommended to use denture cleaning solutions to clean sleep apnea devices. Denture cleaning solutions aren’t a substitute for daily brushing, but they do help you keep your oral appliance as clean as possible.

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